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Discover the exciting world of data science and unlock its power at West Coast Data Science Academy. We are passionate about helping individuals like you harness the potential of data and turn it into valuable insights.”

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West Coast Data Scıence Academy is an initiative established to train competent and talented experts in the field of data science and analytics. It offers training and development programs to individuals who want to steer their careers in this field; designs programs specific to the needs of institutions.

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is an innovative educational institution led by a strong team of experts and a dynamic staff. Our expert team possesses deep experience in fields such as data science, data engineering, artificial intelligence, big data, statistics, and other related areas.

Worldwide Conferences

Our team participates as speakers in technology conferences held globally and within our country, as well as events organized by university student clubs.

Content Development Expertise

Continuously tracking current trends, our team constantly enhances the educational curricula they create and supports students in developing content.

Innovative Instructors

In addition to actively participating in events within the field of data, our team also hosts numerous events related to the data world.